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Happy Birthday, My Lincoln Highway! Look how far we’ve come!!

Happy Birthday, My Lincoln Highway!  Look how far we’ve come!!

Wow.  It’s hard to believe that I’ve been blogging about my road for a whole year now. It’s just amazing to me that what started as a solo trip out here in cyberspace has turned into a journey full of friendly faces, some familiar, and some that I’ve met along the way.

Here’s a look back at some of my favorite pictures from the past year.  (You knew Grand View Point would be first.  Right?)  :)

Thanks to all of you for traveling with me.  Hope to see you again soon, on the road…


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Winter has come to Grand View Point

Here’s a little slideshow of pictures from my trip in December.  These were taken the same day that I visited Mister Ed’s.

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Here’s to the Winter, and here’s to the road…

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Look out Grand View Point, here I come… soon!

Look out Grand View Point, here I come… soon!

It’s been almost two years exactly since I’ve headed to Grand View Point near Bedford, Pennsylvania.  I’ve planned and postponed the trip several times, I’ve waiting and waited, but my time is coming soon.  As soon as my vehicle is roadworthy once again, I’ll be on my way. :)

In the meantime, though,while cleaning out some things in the basement, I ran across a bit of my Grand View Ship Hotel Memorabilia, so here’s a bit of a teaser for you…

Grand View Point was the home of the famous Grand View Ship Hotel which, sadly, was destroyed in October of 2001.

Here’s a copy of a photo sent to me by my Lincoln Highway friend Randy Davis from when the Ship was still in it’s heyday.

And here’s a simply stunning picture taken by Randy after the ship had fallen into disrepair.  The quality of my picture isn’t so great because I’m taking a picture of his picture, but it’s still quite wonderful.

Here’s the article from the local newspaper after the fire.

This is a piece of tile from inside the ship… Somewhere I have a few other bits and pieces floating around the house, but I’m not sure where they are right now.

Also, I’ve taken pictures of a few Ship Hotel postcards that I found this morning.

And here’s the current object of my fascination, since it’s basically the only thing left.

This is the view from 2005.

And here’s what it looked like in 2009.

Stay tuned to find out what happens next…

Here’s to the road and to Grand View Point!

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