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An evening at The Odditorium

An evening at The Odditorium

Tonight was the grand opening party for the new exhibit at the Massillon Museum.  Holy cow, what a great night! This exhibit, The Odditorium, is a collection of many different bizarre objects that have been acquired by the museum over the years.  These are the things that otherwise might not fit in with a traditional display.  Like, for instance, a wreath made of hair.

Moving right along…

Actually I’m getting ahead of myself.  Before we even made it into the museum there was a party on the lawn!  The Bizarros were playing some cool tunes.

Here’s the crowd going wild!

And the refreshment station.

Inside there was lemonade and several kinds of popcorn!

Then you entered the Wunderkammer House…

Each ‘room’ in this house has a theme and a family member is there, too.  This, of course, is the Mother’s room.

Interestingly enough, the woman standing in line behind us had her very own alligator purse that was similar to this one and had belonged to her grandmother.

Next up is the Son’s room.  I’d also like you to know that this is NOT Oscar.  Although he will be along shortly. :)

I don’t know what this thing is, but it surely creeped me out…

Next is the Daughter’s room.

Speaking of things that creep me out…

Then we went into the kitchen and found the Maid.

Grandpa’s room was right next door!

I took this next picture because I thought that the helmet was cool and also because if Dave had been with me he’d probably have thought that it was cool, too, and would have wanted to try it on. :)

The Father’s room was our last stop along the way and we ran into a familiar, uh, face?

There you are, Oscar!!

Also, a new friend…  Choking Charlie.

After visiting with the Wunderkammer family we toured the other floors because my mom had never been to MassMu before.

I took this next picture, probably for the second time because I never realized before that there was a dog in the picture!

Something that I find amazing about Immel’s Circus is that you can look at it a dozen times and see things you’ve never seen before.  Like, for instance, these elephants.

And the balloon vendor in the grandstand.

Due to the Massillon Tiger debacle at the Top of the Viaduct Restaurant (where we had dinner at tonight again, by the way) I felt compelled to have my picture taken with this Massillon Tiger. ;)


Lastly I took a few pictures outside.

The Lincoln Highway post is lurking in the background, just taking it all in…

And because this is a Lincoln Highway blog, I close with a picture of the Lincoln Theatre.

So.  To sum up this evening…. WOW.  If you’ve never been to the Massillon Museum, now’s the time to go.  This was a great, wonderful, and fun evening and a very cool exhibit.  It’s only going to be there for a limited time so don’t miss out!

Until my next adventure with the Massillon Tiger, here’s to you and here’s to the road…

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Happy Birthday, My Lincoln Highway! Look how far we’ve come!!

Happy Birthday, My Lincoln Highway!  Look how far we’ve come!!

Wow.  It’s hard to believe that I’ve been blogging about my road for a whole year now. It’s just amazing to me that what started as a solo trip out here in cyberspace has turned into a journey full of friendly faces, some familiar, and some that I’ve met along the way.

Here’s a look back at some of my favorite pictures from the past year.  (You knew Grand View Point would be first.  Right?)  :)

Thanks to all of you for traveling with me.  Hope to see you again soon, on the road…


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Massillon Afternoon

Massillon Afternoon

Yesterday when saying goodbye Lydia I had a bit of trouble and ended up hurting my hand.  It wasn’t anything too severe, but it was enough to give me an excuse to rest it for the day and instead of working I went out exploring.

The Lincoln Highway runs across Route 30 through downtown Massillon and then takes off on Route 172.

When I was downtown I stopped in at The Attic Resale Store.

I was instantly drawn to the impressive Massillon Public Library.

Right down the street from the library is the Lincoln Theatre.

There are several very cool and very lifelike murals in downtown Massillon.

The Massillon Museum has both a Control Station and an original concrete marker located in front of it.

Here’s some random artwork/architecture that I liked.

And, last I leave you with quite a few pictures of the Lincoln Professional Building. :)

Until we meet again, here’s to the road and here’s to you, too.

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