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A pretty good day and lunch at the Spread Eagle Tavern!

A pretty good day and lunch at the Spread Eagle Tavern!

It was a beautiful day yesterday when my boyfriend, Dave, and I headed off on a Lincoln Highway adventure.  This was his first (and hopefully not last!) trip along the road.  Therefore, I knew that we had to stop for lunch at the Spread Eagle Tavern, one of the definite highlights along the way.

We hit the road early in the morning and started our Lincoln Highway journey somewhere near Perry Heights and headed to a few familiar places.

First up we stopped at the Canton Preservation Society’s Resale Store where I guess it was a bad day to be a baby doll.

Dave tried to smuggle one of the sarcophagi in to the van but it wouldn’t fit. (Just kidding) :)

After leaving the store we headed eastward and took a very bumpy ride over the brick roads near Robertsville and stopped at Kishman’s IGA in Minerva to fill our tank.

We then headed to Hanoverton and the Spread Eagle Tavern which was built in 1837 and restored in 1988.  It is located at 10150 Plymouth Street, Hanoverton, Ohio, 44423 and their phone number is 330-223-1583.

Here’s the view from our table.

Here’s another view from our table that I didn’t realize I was in! (This picture was shamelessly stolen.  Sorry, Dave.)

These next two pictures show the lunch menu.  (If you click on a picture, it will show an enlarged view.)

Our lunch was wonderful.  We ordered the Tavern Burger

and the Chicken Pesto.

And, as you may know if you’ve read my blog before it’s always necessary to order dessert when out on a Lincoln Highway blogging mission!  So we did…

Here’s a lovely pumpkin bread pudding which I don’t remember the full name for

and a triple layer brownie pie (or something like that, don’t remember this name either).

After lunch we explored the Tavern a bit.  Here’s a few pictures from the first floor.

Next we took a walk downstairs to the Rathskellar.  Wow!  It’s so cool down there.

When we left the Tavern, we drove on, once again heading east.  We traveled as far as the Teapot in Chester, WVa and then turned back around and made a stop at Pottery City Antique Mall in East Liverpool where we learned it wasn’t a good day for baby dolls there, either.

And thus concluded our adventures for the day.

So, until we meet again, here’s to good times, GREAT company, good food, new adventures, and, of course, here’s to the road, too.


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