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The Road goes on. Will I go with it?

Six months have passed since the last time that I deliberately traveled the Lincoln Highway.  It was a happy vacation with my sweet, kind, and wonderful boyfriend, Dave.  We journeyed to Bedford and spent the night at the Bonnet Tavern and then traveled on to Gettysburg with a quick stop at Mister Ed’s Elephant Museum.  I was composing my blog post in my head the whole way home.

I never wrote that post as the day after our return my beloved passed away suddenly. Since that time words have failed me.  The Lincoln Highway no longer feels like an old friend or trusted companion anymore.  Instead all I feel when I think of the road is sadness and betrayal and anger that it took my best friend away from me.  

In many other ways my life has moved on and I have become a better person because of what happened.  For as long as I have loved this road before, I want to forgive it, but I honestly don’t know if I can.  What it took from me it can never return.

In two months time my web address will expire.  Maybe by that time things will become clearer to me, I do not know.



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Happy Birthday, My Lincoln Highway! Look how far we’ve come!!

Happy Birthday, My Lincoln Highway!  Look how far we’ve come!!

Wow.  It’s hard to believe that I’ve been blogging about my road for a whole year now. It’s just amazing to me that what started as a solo trip out here in cyberspace has turned into a journey full of friendly faces, some familiar, and some that I’ve met along the way.

Here’s a look back at some of my favorite pictures from the past year.  (You knew Grand View Point would be first.  Right?)  :)

Thanks to all of you for traveling with me.  Hope to see you again soon, on the road…


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Winter has come to Grand View Point

Here’s a little slideshow of pictures from my trip in December.  These were taken the same day that I visited Mister Ed’s.

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Here’s to the Winter, and here’s to the road…

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Join me for a visit to Mister Ed’s Elephant Museum!

Join me for a visit to Mister Ed’s Elephant Museum!

On a quick trip through Pennsylvania this past weekend I got the chance to stop at Mister Ed’s Elephant Museum!  I’d never been there before and I was totally excited.


We walked inside and were immediately greeted by this big fella…

We spent quite a bit of time looking around and loved looking at all the Pez dispensers and magnets!

I thought that this Lord of the Rings collection was pretty cool.

Next up I found my new favorite mirror. :)

Next we went up the ramp and spent some time in the Elephant Museum.  We were blown away by all of them! According to Mister Ed’s website there are over 10,000.  Wow.  Who knew??  Here are a few pictures from the museum.

After we looked around for quite awhile we went out and looked for some CANDY!!!

We found these guys out there, too.

After making our purchases (orange slices and some lollipops) we took a walk around outside.  This big guy gave me a good fright when he started talking as I walked past.

Mister Ed certainly did a good job teaching him how to speak!!

So, the next time that you’re on the Lincoln Highway in Pennsylvania you should definitely make time to stop by to see Mister Ed’s museum.  He’s located at 6019 Chambersburg Road, Orrtanna, Pennsylvania 17353 and their phone number is 717-352-3792.

Here’s to Mister Ed, here’s to the road, and here’s to you, until we meet again. :)



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